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Link to Google Reviews

Posted in Blog, Google Business Listings, Local Citations, Reputation Management | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
May 31, 2018
Everybody needs reviews. Getting them on Google isn't always easy. make it a little easier a direct link to Google reviews helps. Here is our guide on how to create that direct link to Google....Read More

Google My Business Categories

Posted in Blog, Google Business Listings, Local Citations | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
May 29, 2018
Here is a list of the Google My Business Categories. This is the list of categories that are available when creating a business profile for GMB. You cannot put custom categories in but must pick from this list....Read More

Pay Per Call Marketing

Posted in Blog, Content Creation, Ideas, Lead Generation, Marketing Advice, SEO | 2 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Jan 12, 2016
What is Pay Per Call Marketing? This article is very in depth and will help you understand what PPCall Advertising is, how it helps, and why it is the best option for local business owners. We have even created a quick 5 minute video explaining PPCall by giving a story…...Read More

Painting Company Names

Posted in Blog, Branding, Marketing Advice, Names | 1 Comment
By Garret Merkley
Jan 05, 2016
Naming your business isn't that easy. Here is an article we wrote to help painting companies name their business. We give away a bunch of painting company name ideas and more. We hope that this article is exactly what you are looking for. It will help you come up with…...Read More

The Ultimate Internal Backlink Definition & Guide

Posted in Backlinking, Blog, Marketing Advice, SEO | 6 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Dec 31, 2015
Links are so important when considering Local SEO. Without links the website might not exist at all. Links have a lot of value and the biggest value is their ability to magically transport someone from one section of the internet to another section of the internet. Many times I have…...Read More

What Questions Should You Ask Before Buying Painting Leads?

Posted in Blog, Lead Generation, Marketing Advice | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Dec 30, 2015
The painting business is one of the top local contractor services that buys leads to get more customers. Everyday hundreds of painters search Google to buy painting leads. This list of questions can save you $1,000s and $1,000s of dollars with painting leads. This list of questions is universal when…...Read More

What Does SEO Stand For?

Posted in Blog, Marketing Advice, SEO | 1 Comment
By Garret Merkley
Jun 27, 2015
We more than answer the questions "What does SEO stand for?". This is worth reading and definitely look at our poll we created with the help of many businesses...Read More

What is a Title Tag?

Posted in Blog, On Page SEO, SEO | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Jun 18, 2015
Everything you need to know about title tags. What is a title tag? Look no further because it is all explained in this article & video. Enjoy!...Read More

What Are Backlinks?

Posted in Backlinking, Blog, eWebify, Marketing Advice, SEO | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Jun 17, 2015
I decided to write this article after getting this question over and over again via social media groups that I am apart of. People who are just starting out with a website or trying to learn SEO will almost certainly hear that "Backlinks" are important but most people have no…...Read More

Door Hanger Idea

Posted in Blog, Ideas, Marketing Advice | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
May 14, 2015

Walk the Walk Marketing: Small Businesses Deserve Guarantees!

Posted in Blog, eWebify, Marketing Advice | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Jan 22, 2015
Walk the Walk is a new marketing series from eWebify. We are a local marketing focused company that services small businesses throughout the United States....Read More

Google Listing: Somebody Else Owns Your Google Listing? Transfer Instructions!

Posted in Blog, Google Business Listings, Local Citations | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Jan 08, 2015
Does somebody else own your My Google Business Listing? If so, it is important to get it transferred to you. Why? So you can make edits, own it, etc. Learn how...Read More

Locksmith Marketing Ideas. The Right Ideas To Grow Your Locksmith Business.

Posted in Blog, Business, Locksmith Blog, Marketing Advice | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Jan 05, 2015
Hi, my name is Garret and I own eWebify. I do a lot of marketing for locksmith and I thought I would share some insights with you....Read More

Garage Door Company Names | A Complete List

Posted in Blog, Branding, Marketing Advice, Names | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Dec 18, 2014
Here is a blog post listing Garage Door Company Names. This is a complete list from known brands to local garage door company names....Read More

Locksmith Names

Posted in Blog, Branding, Business, Locksmith Blog, Names | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Dec 15, 2014
We searched the internet and found over 100+ locksmith names to spark your creativity and help you name your new locksmith business. We also included some tips, advice, and ideas on naming your new locksmith company....Read More

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