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The Ultimate Internal Backlink Definition & Guide

Posted in Backlinking, Blog, Marketing Advice, SEO | 6 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Dec 31, 2015
Links are so important when considering Local SEO. Without links the website might not exist at all. Links have a lot of value and the biggest value is their ability to magically transport someone from one section of the internet to another section of the internet. Many times I have…...Read More

What Are Backlinks?

Posted in Backlinking, Blog, eWebify, Marketing Advice, SEO | 0 Comments
By Garret Merkley
Jun 17, 2015
I decided to write this article after getting this question over and over again via social media groups that I am apart of. People who are just starting out with a website or trying to learn SEO will almost certainly hear that "Backlinks" are important but most people have no…...Read More

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