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Meet The Team

Garret Merkley

Position: Owner

Hi, my name is Garret Merkley. I have over 6 years of marketing experience within the United States and Internationally. For the last 5 years my marketing focus has been entirely centered on the internet. I have helped establish youtube channel brands, develop nationwide websites, and help local businesses increase their business via the internet.

In all my marketing experience the most awarding services I have offered is to small businesses. Most of which are owner operated and work extremely hard to make ends meet. With limited time and budgets small businesses keep telling me that they need more high quality phone calls. That is why we have simplified the online marketing experience and our services to focus primarily on high quality phone calls. Because we too have limited budgets and time we focus on what we do best & that is getting businesses phones to ring with motivated customers ready to make a purchase decision.

I founded eWebify in 2010. My company has gone from just me to 2 full-time employees and various freelancers who help marketing magic happen for local business!

Devon Clarke

Position: Lead Adwords Specialist

Devon has been with eWebify since late 2015. We are very happy to have Devon as one of our lead specialists. Devon works hard at making sure each client is taken care of so that their businesses are making money.

Devon knows almost every single client by name and often reports losing sleep over thinking about our client’s businesses. He cares about what he does and comes from a long line of hardworking business owners that service local customers

Joe Daigle

Position: Lead Software Developer

Joe is our lead software developer and has been working in Software Development for many years. Joe is a great asset to the company and leads a team of 3 in developing in-house software that makes eWebify tick and clients happy.

Yacouba Keita

Position: Front End Web Developer

Yacouba works as our front end web developer. He is part of a team of 3 that works on our internal software. Yacouba is our key to making our software easy to use for each of our clients by making User interfaces that are easy to navigate and operate.

Our Partners

These Are Just A Few Of The Business We Help!

eWebify Is Proud To Have Over 100 Local Businesses That Have Relied On Us To Make Their Phone Ring!

E.M. Blue Roofing

Type of Business: Roofing Contractor
E.M. Blue Roofing has been a client of ours for years. The company is owned by Duane Clarke. Duane is a local business owner who has been roofing for over 25 years. Before he met eWebify his business was almost all word of mouth. When the recession started to impact his business in a negative way back in 2009 we stepped in. Since that time we have turned a "not enough work" problem into a past memory and now he has too much work to handle and finds himself busier and more successful than he ever has been.

Mr. Painter

Type of Business: Painting Contractor
Mr. Painter is a fun story to tell. Dave has been painting since 1994 and started his first painting business in Utah. Years went buy and career paths changed for a time and even locations. In 2014 he found himself and his family living in Georgia. It was here that he contacted us to help him start up a new painting business in a state where he had zero presence or name built for himself. We were eager to take on the challenge.
Like most local business owners, Dave was taking a leap of faith in choosing our marketing company as his 1 and only marketing solution. We were excited to exceed any expection he could have possibly hoped for...and we did.
Within a couple months Dave was booked out for months. Together we have made a great team. Dave and his team are fantastic painters and we are fantastic marketers. Because of this his painting company is extremely successful and is a major player in his local painting market.

John's Pest Control

Type of Business: Pest Control Company
John owns a local pest control company. John is a very successful business owner who has been with us for over 3 years. Before we cam around John had used other marketing companies. He was willing to see what we had to over and has loved it ever since.
Oh multiple occasions John has referred us to other local businesses. In fact, he regularly recommends us to a local BNI chapter that he is part of and often includes impressive numbers of customers they get each month due to our marketing efforts on their behalf. We really enjoy working with them and look forward to working with them for years more.

Old Castle Surfaces

Type of Business: Granite Countertop Fabrication & Installation
Old Castle Surfaces has been an amazing client to work with. When it came to marketing we took this one on at a little different angle than most due to the size of their business. They are in 4 south eastern states. We have successfully been driving hundreds of customers to their website everyday for years now and their business has benefited greatly from it!

Northstar Security

Type of Business: Security Systems
We began working with Northstar Security at the beginning of 2015. They are located in Edmonton, Ab and compete in a heavily competitive market. Before working with us their primary source of new customers came from door to door soliciting. Although this proved successful to them in the past they were looking for a better way to reach customers and to get more customers than ever before. We have worked hard with them and are seeing huge changes in Google rankings for their business. We still have a lot more work to do but the results are very exciting for both of us.

Thacker & Dutton Law Firm

Type of Business: Bankruptcy Law Office
This law firm has been around for a long time. However, one of the new partners was needing to produce more attraction to her specific bankruptcy services in her local market. Before using eWebify she had tried many advertising avenues. Some of these included billboards, newspapers, magazines, phone books and even restaurant t.v. ad placements. She had seen some success with these but not enough to provide the income she needed.
As a result we were brought in to take care of their problem. We assured her that we could increase her business by delivering high quality phone calls from real people, who really wanted her services, and who were really in her service area. We have done that and more. She has commented to us before how her practice is thriving while other law offices are having a hard time in her area finding bankruptcy clients. She has thanked us with much excitement in her voice and it is these types of testimonials that we love to get!

Resch Safe & Lock

Type of Business: Locksmith
Philip is a fantastic client to have. He is passionate about his work and very skilled at what he does. Philip is a 3rd generation locksmith who came to us during a very slow period in his business. He needed help and he needed it quickly. Now Philip was like most local business owners. He had experienced "marketing companies" who promised a lot but delivered little. Naturally Philip was very sceptical at first and needed a good 1 or 2 to think about it. During that time we gave him plenty of names and phone numbers of our clients to talk to. He did!
After speaking with them he came back a little shocked at how positive everyone talked about us. He had no hesitation anymore and got started with us right away. Since then Philip has commented at how we have saved his business. His business has new life again and he can provide the type of locskmith services that people need and deserve. Philip has even recommended us to over 1,000 fellow locksmiths on a private facebook locksmith page called "Locksmith Friends" which he is a trusted figure and active participant.
...the list goes on. Hopefully you can be one of our valued partners as well!

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