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Pay Per Call Advertising - The Ultimate Guide

If you are honestly looking to understand Pay Per Call Marketing for local businesses, then this is the best article on the internet. *Use the Table of Contents or click on the links below to jump to the section you want to read.

Pay Per Call Marketing

A) What Is Pay Per Call Marketing?

B) How Does Pay Per Call Work?

C) PPCall Techniques

D) Call Tracking Software Company

E) Pay Per Call Marketing Firms

F) Why Is It The Best Thing Ever!!!

There are other websites that talk about Pay Per Call. Here is a wikipedia page about Pay Per Call and here is an article on Search Engine Watch About Pay Per Call. Both cover the topic but are lacking in a lot of useful information about how it works, what it is, and why it is such a good way to go for local businesses.

We use PPCall to generate painting leads for painters throughout the United States. We also use it to produce pest control leads and any other types of local service professional. p.s. if you need helping naming your business, check out this article Painting Company Names.

What Is Pay Per Call Marketing?

I created this video to explain what Pay Per Call marketing is and how it is used for local businesses.


Here Is What It Is:

  1. It is a type of marketing system.
  2. It’s a new way of defining/offering marketing services.
  3. It is primarily based online but not limited to the internet.
  4. It is really effective for local businesses that need phone calls to acquire new customers.
  5. It is primarily defined based on results.
  6. Pay Per Call is simple.
  7. It make sense.
  8. It is easy to track, report, & improve.

Here Is What It Is Not:

  1. It is not limited to certain advertising tactics or techniques.
  2. It is not a cell phone plan.
  3. It is not a complicated marketing system.
  4. It is not an old advertising method.

How Does Pay Per Call Work?

So it works like this.

Let’s say you own XYZ Painting and you need more customers. You decide to hire a marketing firm to help you get more customers. There are a lot of options out there.

You find company A that offers Pay Per Call Advertising. This means that based on your agreement with them you pay them when a person picks up the phone and calls your company.

That’s it!

Pay Per Call Technicalities

There are not many marketing firms that are willing to risk their entire profits on a pay per call marketing agreement. However, there are a few that do…eWebify being one of them.

Each company that does offer a pay per call marketing option has various terms and conditions. Here are some of the common ones you should ask about and be aware of.

Do I Pay For Every Call or Only Unique Calls?

Most pay per call marketing firms will only charge you for unique calls. So if the same person calls you more than once, you would only be charged for one of those calls.

Does Every Unique Call Count?

No…well that isn’t true for every pay per call marketing company. For example, Google Adwords offers a pay per call system and it is possible to be charged more than once for the same caller. In fact, Google Adwords often double dips, triple dips, and more when it comes to PPCall or PPClick.

How Does eWebify Qualify A Call As Quality?

We call it the “3 Really Test”

  1. They are really a real person
  2. They are really in your area
  3. They really are interested in your services

So if the person matches those 3 tests, then they count as a quality call and our clients pay for that call.

How Much Does Pay Per Call Cost?

There isn’t one dollar amount for this one. The biggest factors that will change the price for this are market competition, area, industry, and the individual marketing firm.

For example, a water restoration company will typically pay upwards of $200+ for a quality phone call. Whereas a typical phone call for locksmiths is $15 – $25.

The most important thing to understand when it comes to paying per call are two numbers. Your desired Customer Acquisition Cost & your conversion %.
Knowing those two numbers will help you know what your PPCall price needs to be in order for you to get a Return On Investment.

How Are Calls Tracked & Attributed To The Marketing Efforts Of The Marketing Company?

Technology is awesome and it keeps getting better. PPCall marketing uses advanced call tracking software to route calls to companies, track calls, record calls, report calls, and more.

Basically it works like this. XYZ Marketing firm buys specific phone numbers for their client. They use those phone numbers throughout their marketing efforts. When customer Joe finds Bob’s Painting he picks up the phone and calls Bob’s Painting via one of the phone numbers.

The phone number is routed via the call tracking software and recorded. This way that call is credited as coming from XYZ Marketing.

Recommended Call Tracking Software Company

What Call Tracking Company Do We Recommend?

Here is the call tracking company we use and recommend the most.

call-tracking-metrics-logoCall Tracking Metrics: We highly recommend call tracking metrics and we use them for all of our Pay Per Call marketing. They have great services and outstanding customer service.

Call Tracking Metrics Contact Information

Call Tracking Metrics Todd FisherLocation: 601 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard Suite 210 Severna Park, MD 21146
Phone #: 1 (888) 898.0513
Owner: Todd Fisher

Call Tracking Metrics provide advertising call tracking and call management services to businesses in over 60 countries around the world. Customers use the service to tie calls back to particular advertising channels and to understand what is working (and not working) on the phone once the calls hit their sales agents. Businesses are able to optimize the way they are spending their advertising budget to maximize not just call volume but quality calls that convert.

When tracking calls back to advertising channels, customers often start by selecting tracking phone numbers for each of their online and offline channels. As calls come in, they see in real time the ad and website visit associated to the caller. Arming sales agents with this information is an important tool for them to have the right approach going into the call.

Call Tracking Metrics call management tools provide recordings and transcriptions of each call. The Speech Analytics engine will run keyword spotting analysis on each call to score it, assess the tone of the call, and classify it in the correct way. Agents are also able to enter conversion information for each call using the call log interface or via a post call survey.

On a regular basis, advertising managers can view reporting seeing how many calls, the type of calls, and how many conversions (as well as the revenue) coming through each channel. This intelligence allows them to uncover which advertising channels are really worth it for them, which agents are performing, and provides a critical collection of prospect data for them to use going forward.

List of PPCall Marketing Firms

What Marketing Firms Offer Pay Per Call Marketing?

Honestly there are not that many… Why? It is a new way to offer marketing services and it puts a lot of pressure on the marketing company to deliver results.

I personally think that many marketing firms are just not structured to switch their entire revenue structure to a result driven method. In fact, many of them would lose a lot of money if they did it this way.

That being said there are a few companies that we know of who offer PPCall Marketing. Of course we are going to list ourselves as number 1 because we honestly think we are the best PPCall Firm for local business owners.

  • eWebify
  • We have been marketing for local businesses since 2011. The process, techniques and strategies that we have employed have all been focused on using the internet to get more customers for our local business partners.

    In 2014 we made a huge shift in our marketing process by focusing entirely on a Pay Per Call Marketing model. We have loved it and our clients have loved it.

    When businesses contact us for the first time and learn about how it works they are blown away and are absolutely amazed that something like this exists.

    We focus a lot of tactics and strategies on driving traffic from Google. We use ads, maps, and organic to do this.

    We don’t utilize contracts with our local business partners. They stay with us because the phone calls are bringing a return on investment.

    eWebify Review

    Yes, we are giving ourselves a review. We do a few things really well. One, we do a great job at building our client’s brand/company online. We do this by building a custom fit website for our client. We say custom fit and we want to clarify. We use a template. However, everything on the website is custom to our client. The content is all uniquely written just for that client.

    We are constantly working to get our client’s customers reviews online. This requires personal phone calls and often a month of following up to get high quality reviews on top review websites.

    We also make sure our clients are listed in all the top directories, websites, and have their citations (NAP) matched across the web.

    One huge thing that makes us really unique as well is that we publish 1 – 4 new pages a week on our client websites. This content is 100% unique and designed to rank our client higher on Google for more and more keywords. It is also designed to help the traffic on the website convert at a higher rate.

    We do all these things and more with a PPCall system. We do have a flat monthly fee that covers our basic expenses.

    Some of the current negatives of our services is that we don’t offer an option to be billed throughout the month. We bill our clients at the beginning of the month for the previous month’s phone calls. We are working on a custom app that will handle that functionality plus do a lot more!!!

  • Google
  • Google offers a Pay Per Call system in their adwords platform. It is a great option for businesses and is extremely useful with running mobile ads. However, most small business owners don’t have the time or expertise to run these ads in a way that results in a Return On Investment.

  • Contractor Marketing Pros
  • We came across Contractor Marketing Pros awhile back. They offer a Pay Per Call Marketing platform.

    There are a lot of differences between them and us (eWebify). The primary difference is that their main source of traffic is Google Adwords.

    Their software platform does offer some unique advantages including the ability to raise and lower the pay per call price.

    The disadvantages are that they only use ads. Most of the business that comes from the internet does not come through ads. In fact, most people ignore ads entirely and go straight to the local pack or the organic section. However, that doesn’t mean all people. They drive a lot of phone calls to their clients through ads.

    Contractor Marketing Pros Review:

    I don’t know the owners of this company personally. Some of our clients have used them and have liked them. They are a good option for marketing especially when compared to traditional flat rate monthly fee marketing companies or traditional interruption marketing companies. I don’t have anything bad to say about them.

  • Contractor Nation
  • We came across contractor nation when a large roofing contractor met in our office. He explained that he had been pitched to go with them awhile back because they were connected to one of their manufacturers.

    Because of this we dived into their services, company, and explored some of their client websites they advertised.

    Contractor Nation Review:

    There are some perceived advantages with going with contractor nation. First and foremost they offer a Pay Per Call model which is awesome. They don’t have any monthly service fee but only charge per call.

    However, the biggest problem we see with their services is that they really push for the business owners do add their own content, get their own reviews, etc. It is a really cookie cutter website with a cookie cutter marketing approach.

    It seems like they are banking on getting the business owner to do a lot of the leg work. When the business owners do their part the hope seems to be that the phone calls come trickling in. A huge negative to this approach is that their clients are in competitive industries I don’t see them doing very well online. But if their client’s don’t have much online competition, their strategy could pay off well for both parties.

Why Is Pay Per Call Advertising The Best Thing Ever

Everybody knows that marketing is important. However, everyone has also heard that when times get tough one of the first things that goes is the marketing budget.


Because the company has no clue if it is working or not.

That is the HUGE DIFFERENCE between PPCall and other traditional marketing systems.

PPCall gives a company the exact data they need to prove a ROI or a loss. It is easy to track, record, and optimize.

Here Is An Example

Pay Per Call Marketing is done by using unique phone numbers for various marketing campaigns. These numbers are tied into a call tracking software that records & tracks each and every time the number is called.

The business owner has the ability to quickly access the call logs anytime of the day, week, month, or year.

On top of that they have the ability to add notes or score calls with data such as if they converted and for how much. This data is then automatically put into a ROI report showing the business owner how much they spent and how much they made.

If You Knew That You Could Spend $1,000 Dollars & Make 300% Back Would You?

That is what PPCall marketing does. And for local business owners it puts them back into the game of business!

Pay Per Call Infographic

Here is a Pay Per Call Infographic that we were given permission to use here on the site. It has some useful data about user behavior and why Pay Per Call delivers such valuable results.


Thanks ezanga for sharing this infographic with us.


- When we write articles here on eWebify we often go to other resources to learn and verify what we write. However, with this article we didn't need to. We are in the thick of PPCall Marketing day in and day out. We wrote this article almost 100% from our own experience. Experience that is backed by real life results.

- We would like to thank Call Tracking Metrics for contributing a bunch of content about their company. We use them currently and get a lot of value from them.

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