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Google Listing: Somebody Else Owns Your Google Listing? Transfer Instructions!

Did you just find out that you don't have control or access to your Google Listing? This is more common than you might think. In fact, I deal with this on a regular basis with new clients who come to me for marketing services. For my clients the task of figuring out what their My Google Business listing is can be daunting enough and then add the fact that they don't own "Their" business listing is just confusing and frustrating.

In this article I am going to talk about how to gain back control of your google listing, transfer ownership, add managers, etc.

P.S. - If you are like me and have limited time and energy, I highly suggest finding an expert to do this for you. BTW - I am an expert that could do this for you for a fraction of the cost it would take you to do it in time and energy. Feel free to call me about doing this for you.

From Marketing for locksmiths to eCommerce sites to basic internet business solutions I can help. Here at eWebify we work hard for small businesses so that they can make money.

Do You Have a Google Listing?

Most small business owners don’t even know that they do or do not have a google listing. In fact, many small business owners don’t even know what a Google Listing is even though they have seen the local pack over and over again on Google search itself.

Below are the steps to finding out if your business is actually listing in Google.

Method 1: Type your business name into

If you have a unique brand name, this is easier to get results with. If your company’s name isn’t unique, try using your business location (city, state) or exact address. Below is the result I got from doing this.


The above image/result tells me a few things. First take a look under the description of my website. Do you see where it says “Google+ Page” & Leave a review? This is an indicator that I do have a business listing with Google. This isn’t the only way to check though.

Method 2: Check for your listing at

Google+ is Google’s very own social media website or in other words it is Googles version of Facebook. Google has linked its business listings with Google+. Below are the instructions to look for your business listing on Google.

1. google-plus-home-buttonVisit You will have to have a gmail account to visit this site and it will ask you to login or signup for one when you visit this page.

2. local-google-plusHover over or click the Home button at the top left of the screen.

3. After clicking or hovering over the button scroll down to the local option and click it.

4. Use the search options at the top of the screen to search your business name and address.

5. If your business is listed in Google’s index/database, you will see it as a result.


Method 3: Login to Gmail, Visit and see if you have a listing under pages.

This method is pretty close to method 2. The difference is that instead of clicking local you click pages. If you have a google listing with this gmail account, it will show up on the new page after you click the pages link. If it is asking you to create a listing and doesn’t show a current listing, this means that you don’t have a Google Business Listing under this gmail. It doesn’t mean that your business isn’t listed with Google.

Method 4: Go to

1. get-on-googleGo to (clickable link above) and click the blue Get on Google Button.

2. find-your-business-on-googleThe next page will give you an input field where you can search for your business using your business names and address. As you type it will show you the results it finds.

3. Click on the right results. What comes up next will tell you a lot about whether you have a google listing and if you own it.

this-business-is-already-in-your-accountWhen I did it with the gmail account that my google business listing is under it told me “This Business Is Already In Your Account”. If you see this, then that is good! Below is what it looks like as well as an image of what it looks like if it isn’t in your account.

someone-has-already-verified-this-listingIf you don’t own or have this listing under this account this is what it will say. This means that another account(gmail) owns this listing. This could another gmail you have but are not logged into or it could be a gmail that is someone else’s.

How To Add a Listing To Your Account

If you got the message that this listing is on another account, don’t worry. You can still get control or access to this listing. I have included the instructions below on how to do this. Be prepared for a process from anywhere from 1 week – 1 month if you are persistent.

Step 1: On that same screen that told you that this listing is not on your account you should see a blue link that says “Request Admin Rights”. Click it.

Step 2: On the next page Google asks a question and gives you a series of options for your answer. Depending on the answer you choice Google will send you a certain direction to gain adminstrative rights to the listing.

Question: Do you have access to the account which manages the business on Google?

Answer #1: Yes, but I’ve forgotten my username and password.

Answer #2: Yes, but I want to manage it with a different account.

Answer #3: No, the business is currently managed by someone else.

Answer #4: I need help with something else.

Can You Gain Control Over Your Listing?


Many business owners become frustrated with the process of adding a listing to their account/gaining control over their business listing. Some give up out of frustration and some curse Google for making it hard and claim that it is impossible for them to gain control over their Google listing.

I am here to tell you that it is possible to gain control over your Google Listing when someone else has it on their account. The process can be a little lengthy but it is possible. I have done it for many clients.

If you have followed the instructions but still can’t seem to gain control over your listing, please feel free to call me, email me, or contact me via facebook through my business facebook page.

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1. Personal Experience. Like all of the article I write and share with others online they come from personal experience gained from years of marketing for small businesses via the internet.

2. Google generally does a really good job at providing resources for dealing with their website and its features. Here are a couple sites that give great information on this topic and helped with providing the right info for this article. |

Google Support is pretty good. They also have an option to call them. The people who help over the phone are generally pretty knowledgable and helpful. I have also experienced that you don't have to wait very long on the phone to reach someone which is always nice.

3. I have also found additional insights and resources throughout the years on Google's forum. This forum is contributed to by Google employees and people who don't work for Google.

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