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I Want A List of Locksmith Names

What Names Should I Avoid?

What Locksmith Names Are Trademarked?

Is My Locksmith Domain Name Available?

I want to help you name your locksmith business!

Let's start with a list of names.

I have already begun by spending 2 hours online collecting a list of all types of locksmith names...100+!

Download the free 100+ locksmith name list here. Did I mention it was 100% free?

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This will save you a bunch of time in the brainstorming process. Then come back here and read through my advice on picking the right name.

Intro To Article

Hello, my name is Garret Merkley and I am the owner of eWebify. I wrote this comprehensive article to help you name your locksmith business. Let me know if you have questions. You can contact me at garret at ewebify dot com. Here is another article on how to name your business by We actually just wrote another naming article that we feel is quite good. Although it is targeted to painters it applies to all. Click paint company names to read the top 10 tips for naming a business.

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Are you just starting your very own locksmith business? One of the hardest parts about starting your own locksmith business is coming up with the right locksmith name.

Coming up with a Locksmith Name for your new business is a BIG decision!

In fact, a lot of success or lack of success is riding on the name you pick. For most small business owners or soon to be small business owners naming a business is a new experience for them and they don't really know the dos and don'ts for naming their locksmith company.

We work with locksmiths throughout the United States and many other types of businesses as well. We have helped local companies name their business and had to deal with businesses who didn't think much about what name their business would be known by. A bad name can make branding, marketing, and customer trust really hard. A good name can make branding a lot easier, locksmith marketing much more effective, and customers gain trust quicker.

*Please feel free to use our scrolling table of contents box in the right sidebar. It helps our readers find exactly what they are looking for in our sometimes lengthy articles.

What To Do First: Naming Your Locksmith Business

I Want A List of Locksmith Names

What Names Should I Avoid?

What Locksmith Names Are Trademarked?

Is My Locksmith Domain Name Available?

This is a checklist guide to help you get ready for actually choosing your new business name. You can get out a pen and paper or pull up a notepad on your computer to help you start the naming process. Answer the following questions as well as you can. The more you think about these questions and get real answers the more capable you will be at naming your company. Some of these questions may seem obvious but answer them anyways.

Are you a mobile locksmith or a brick & mortar locksmith?

Why is this important: Knowing the basics of your business structure is important as a locksmith. A brick and mortar store has a different structure. A brick and mortar store is generally focused on one city and branding it to the city is important. Whereas a mobile locksmith needs to be structured and named a little differently sometimes because they service a large geography and often times go in and out of many various cities.

What are the top three main services or products that bring in the most money?

Why is this important: At the end of the day the most important thing in business is that the business makes more money than it spends. Knowing which services or products bring in the most money will help you know where your effort should most likely be centered on. You don’t want to brand a business on products or services that don’t actually make you money.

Possible Examples:

Car lockouts, rekeying, key programming, key fob programming, house lockouts, lock repair, safe locks, etc.

What are the top three most common service calls or products ordered?

Why is this important: This might not be the same answer as #2. For example, you may make more money and have a larger profit margin on house lockouts but maybe you get more service calls for car key programming. What are the top three most common service calls for and or products ordered?

Possible Examples: Transponder Key Programming, Rekeying, Car Lockouts

What are 5 – 10 common names/words your industry is known by?

Why is this important: Educating your customers is extremely difficult, time consuming and very expensive. If customers have already been educated on what to call your industry by, you should do your best to go with what they already know and recognize to make branding and name recognition easier, quicker, and not as expensive.

Possible Examples: Locksmith, Mobile Locksmith, Locks, Key, Car Locksmith, Residential Locksmith, Commercial Locksmith, etc.

What are 5 – 10 names/words professionals in your industry are known by?

Why is this important: Calling yourself what your customers call you can safe a lot of time and money. A lot of times the professionals in the industry have their own lingo and terminology that the customer doesn’t know. Do not use those terms.

Possible Examples: Mobile Locksmith, Technician, Expert, etc.

What is your geo location of your business?

Why is this important: If you are a small local business, than you most likely don’t have the time, money, or ability to service everywhere. Nobody starts off as the Walmart of Locksmiths. Your time, money, and energy is limited. It will be easier to narrow your focus and succeed at a specific geo location then to try to be profitable by serving every city.

Possible Examples: San Diego, CA | Dallas, Texas | Provo, Utah | Jersey City, NJ

Find the names of competing businesses in your area and in nearby cities?

Why is this important: You don’t want to have any legal problems because you named your company the exact same as someone else or too similar.

Possible Examples: Quick Lock & Key, AA Locksmith, Kings Locksmith, …

If you are a mobile service type company, how far is too far to drive in time and miles?

Why is this important: This will help a lot in your business and in naming your company. Do you need to build a brand that transcends city and county boundaries or are you fine building a brand that is primarily recognized in just one city?

Possible Examples: Time – 1 hr Miles – 60 miles

What is the population of your desired market? (City by City)

Why is this important: Naming a business is part of starting a business and knowing who your market is cannot be forgotten or be an unknown variable.

Possible Examples:Dallas, Tx – 1.258 Million

Over 100 Locksmith Names

I Want A List of Locksmith Names

What Names Should I Avoid?

What Locksmith Names Are Trademarked?

Is My Locksmith Domain Name Available?

Like I said at the beginning of the article, I have compiled a list of 100+ locksmith names.

I have put them all together in a free ebook.

Click Here To Download The PDF File.

Did You Think About This?

Have you ever wished you knew something before you made a specific decision? This section gives you some small bits of knowledge that many wish they would have though about before naming their business.

Is It Easy To Spell?

Why is this important: Why is spelling a business name important? A lot of times your customers will refer other people to your locksmith services. When they do this the person referred will often look your business up online. With the wrong spelling or not knowing how to spell your domain name they might not find you. It will also safe you time when you don’t have to spell your business name out slowly over the ph one.

Possible Examples: Lock Master, ASAP Locksmith, Doctor Locksmith, Fix A Lock Locksmith, Locksmith Guy, Master Locksmith, etc.

Is It Easy To Understand Over The Phone?

Why is this important: Most locksmith’s first contact is over the phone and an easy professional name will help with first impressions.

Is It Short?

Why is this important: Short names are a lot easier for people to remember, to share, type in, and write checks out to. On top of that a short locksmith business name will be better for a website, a logo, and for business cards.

I Want A List of Locksmith Names

What Names Should I Avoid?

What Locksmith Names Are Trademarked?

Is My Locksmith Domain Name Available?

Is The Domain Name Available?

Why is this important: Of course you can always add hyphens or other characters to your domain name but make sure it is available. You want your domain name to represent your business name as best as possible.

Would It Fit Easily On A Business Card?

Why is this important: Too many times businesses learn that working with a long business name can be challenging with certain marketing material. See if it will fit on a business card before you finalize your business name.

Local Name Tips

Here are a few tips for naming a local locksmith company.

#1 Keep it Local

Most small businesses will never expand larger than a couple cities. Because of this you should try to localize your business name. Think about natural landmarks or other things your area is known for and possibly work that into your brand. People can smell a fake or “Not Local” locksmith from a mile away.

#2 Use Your Main City’s Name

Using your main city’s name can have huge benefits when marketing online. It will help in Google Listings, local directories, Google Organic results and more. Be aware that a lot of spammy locksmith companies (Not real) do this too so be sure to keep your local touch.

#3 Don’t Make It Too Long

I know I mentioned this above but don’t make your businesses’ new name too long. A long business name can be hard to brand, hard to work with, and hard to remember.

I Want A List of Locksmith Names

What Names Should I Avoid?

What Locksmith Names Are Trademarked?

Is My Locksmith Domain Name Available?

Catchy Locksmith Names | Cool Locksmith Names

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