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Need A Direct Link For Google Reviews?

If you are smart, you want as many customers to leave 5 star reviews on Google as possible.


It isn't as easy as you would think. (Use our "Review Assist

However, with a direct link to Google Reviews it is a lot easier for customers to leave you a review.

TIP: Save yourself time. Use our "Review Assistant" software to get reviews. It is the best online review management software & it comes with your very own real human assistant to help get reviews!

Does Your Google My Business Listing Have Directions Enabled?

This is important because you are going to need your place id and if you have directions enabled it is really easy to get your place id.

If you don’t have directions enabled it isn’t as easy.

Believe it or not most local businesses do not have directions enabled.

This is good!


Because most local businesses operate out of their home and you and Google do not want people showing up at your home address.

WARNING: If you have directions enabled and you are a home based business, this could be grounds for getting your listing suspended.

If Your Business Has Directions Enabled?

If your business has directions enabled, follow these steps to get your Google My Business Place ID.

FYI: You will need this place id to create the link to Google Reviews.

  1. 1. Go To Google Maps Platform: Place Id
  2. 2. Start typing your business name into the box
  3. 3. Copy The Place ID of Your Google My Business Listing

Here is a picture of what that looks like.


If You Don't Have Directions Enabled...

Then the above option won’t work for finding the Place ID.

The way and method of getting the Place ID has changed and some tools have worked in the past but no longer work…etc.

Google is a little ADD and they keep changing so…

If you want access to the most recent way to get the Place ID when you don’t have directions enabled, I’ll give you access to the video instructions on a separate page.

Fill Out The Form Below For FREE Access

Copy Place ID Into This URL

Once you have obtained your Google My Business Place ID you need to add it to the end of this URL.

Add it after the = symbol and that will do the trick. The tricky part can be finding the Place ID.

If you don’t have directions enabled, use the form above to get instant access to the latest method.

Let Us Get Reviews For You

The #1 problem most local business owners face is that they wear too many hats.

You don’t need yet another task to do.


Because pretty soon you won’t do it anymore or will forget. Let’s face it you can only do so much.

Let us get reviews for you.

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Free Review Checker

Do you know how many reviews you have online and where they are located?

Most likely not.

Click: Review Checker to use our free tool to scan the internet to find all the reviews you have for your business online.

Hope this helps!

Or you can see if your citations are all right and correct with our free listing scan tool.

IF you have bad reviews, make sure you read our article on how to respond to a bad review.

Let us know if you have any questions via the comment form below, or call us, text us, or send us an email on our contact page.


Garret Here (Owner of eWebify) - I've been doing this since 2010 and have helped a lot of businesses grow and get more customers via the internet.

The resource is a trial and error and doing it right for years and years.

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