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Walk the Walk Marketing: Small Businesses Deserve Guarantees!

As everyone knows there are a lot of marketing companies out there. Many of which only talk the talk. Because of this many small business owners don't trust marketing companies. Some have even sworn never to pay another company for marketing services again.


Because they have experienced dishonesty, poor results, no results, and have lost valuable time and money. Thus leading to a belief that we are all crooks. This stigma can be pretty hard to get over but I have found the easy way to overcome it is to produce results.

I have seen it time and time again with my own clients who express relief to me that "eWebify is the best thing I ever did for my company" or “This is working out better than I hoped” or how about "you really do what you say you are going to do" or "I am so busy with work you send me I can barely keep up".

Why do my clients say these things? Because we guarantee results, we measure results, we report results and we work hard "together" to improve results.

I Know How You Feel

I like many of you get called on a regular basis by companies promising to rank me on Google or warning me that my listing is about to be taken down. I have even talked to these people and been cursed at. Why? Because after they learn that I own a marketing company they get mad at me for waisting their time. So, like one of my recent client prospects asked “what makes you so different?”

I Felt The Need For Guaranteed Results!

I haven’t always marketed for companies. In fact, for the first 3 years of starting my marketing company it was all self centered marketing. By that I mean that I built websites for myself, ranked them on Google, and made money off of them. It was my own self sustaining internet business where I didn’t need to work with, deal with, or worry about the drama and headache that often accompanies service oriented businesses a.k.a. working with people.

It wasn’t until I was asked to be a substitute at a local BNI chapter for many weeks that I began to feel the frustration from local business owners because of poor results or a complete lack of results coming from their marketing efforts. In fact, shortly after I started working for some of these local businesses I truly experienced what it was like to be taken advantage of by out of site out of mind marketing companies. Some of my new clients had really been taken advantage of and didn’t even know it.

It was during these years that I really began to fine tune and perfect my marketing system for small business owners. I constantly was with them and listening to them. In all that they said the message was almost always centered around one thing, Results.

I Have Found a Way To Guarantee Results!

If you have ever had any experience with building a website and marketing a website, you will know that there are a lot of things that get counted and measured online. Clicks, Visits, Downloads, Emails, Likes, Shares, Pokes, Reviews, Impressions, Locations, IP Addresses…

Out of all the things that could be represented as results to small business owners they all kept saying the same thing. They kept telling me that they cared about “Quality Exclusive Phone Calls”. What is a quality exclusive phone call? Below are some factors that determine if a phone call is a quality exclusive phone call.

1. The call is only coming to that specific business and not being sent to multiple businesses.
2. The caller is actually looking for the business’s services.
3. The caller found the business because they searched them out and after learning about them called them.
4. The caller is not a sales person trying to sell the business on something else.
5. The calls are high converting.
6. The call is local or the person wants to use their services locally.
7. …I am pretty sure I will keep adding to this list.

What Does This Mean For You?

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone and believe me it isn’t meant to. It is merely my way of clearly communicating exceptions.

If you are a small business owner, then it could mean “the best thing you ever did for your business” and I wish it could mean that to everyone but it won’t. Why? Because every small business owner out there isn’t worth servicing. I, like you, have to choose wisely where I spend my resources and with whom I spend my resources. Let me explain.

The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule in business can be applied in many different ways. I am going to apply it here by saying that 80% of a small business owners problems are created by 20% of their customers. I, like you, don’t want to spend 80% of my resources on 20% of my clients who shouldn’t have been clients in the first place. Here is a list of the things I expect from businesses I work with.

What I Expect: 10 Things

1. I expect to work with businesses that are dedicated to their business.
2. I expect to work with businesses that are really good at what they do.
3. I expect to work with businesses that actually answer their phones.
4. I expect to work with businesses that can prove that they walk the walk.
5. I expect to work with businesses that are not afraid to take advantage of the world wide web.
6. I expect to work with businesses that know and value what the internet can do for them.
7. I expect to work with businesses that are good at communicating.
8. I expect to work with businesses that pay their bills.
9. I expect to work with businesses that don’t want to wear all the hats.
10. I expect to work with businesses that will keep commitments.

What My Clients Expect

1. My Clients Expect To Only Pay For “Exclusive Quality Phone Calls”.
2. My Clients Expect Customer Loyalty.
3. My Clients Expect a Return on Investment.
4. My Clients Expect Honesty.
5. My Clients Expect To Get Live Reports For Phone Calls.
6. My Clients Expect Good Communication.
7. My Clients Expect a Marketing Company That Cares.
8. My Clients Expect a Different Experience.
9. My Clients Expect Results.
10. My Clients Expect Success.

Are You Ready To Walk the Walk?

If you feel like my expectations can be met and your expectations can be met, I invite you to contact me. There are quite a few ways that you can reach out and contact me.

1. Call Me
Telephone: 877-830-3075
Local Telelphone: 678-723-3558

2. Email Me

3. Facebook Me

4. Contact Me on Google+ which is my preferred social network website.

Join My Facebook Group For Marketing

I have created a private Facebook group where I answer questions and share my articles on marketing. Feel free to connect with me here and ask me whatever you want.

I can’t promise that I will always be able to provide the answer for you but I am working on it everyday. I do own and operate a business and have many clients that I do marketing for.

How To Join?

Click on the link below and request to join. Once I get your request I will approve it. I invite you to participate in the group and always add value to the group and I will do the same.

→ Join Here: eWebify’s Facebook Group on Marketing


1. Over 5 years of business experience.

2. Hundreds of hours working with small business owners, interviewing small business owners, business networking meetings, analyzing phone calls, etc.

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