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The Phone Call Machine

Want To Make More Money With Your business?

Then Use "The Phone Call Machine"..!

It Starts Working In...

In Just 7 Days!

How often do you use machines?

Once a day...10x...30x...100x?

If you're like everybody else, you use multiple machines every single day!

Why should marketing be any different?

It isn't

The Phone Call Machine...

Is quick to setup and has already been tested over and over again in many industries

It simply works in just...

Read more below...

What's included in our system?

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34 Features Our System Includes...And What It Would Cost You?
1. Premium 2.0 Website
2. SEO
$1,200 Month
3. Content Submission Access
4. Private Backlink Boost
5. Premium Plugins & Software
6. Google My Business Verification
7. Profit Driven Keyword Research
8. Domain Research & Acquisition
9. Progression Email To Call Forms
10. ROI Reporting Software
11. Mobile Call & Text Optimization
12. Content Creation
$300 Month
13. Sitemap Creation
14.Sitemap Automatic Submissions
15. Review Acquisition & Management
$300 Month
16. Facebook Account Creation
17. Facebook Account Optimization
18. Website Pinging Database
19. Webmaster Tools Setup
20. RSS Feed & Submissions
21. Google Analytics Setup
22. Google Tag Manager Integration
23. Custom Tag Setup & Tracking
24. Call Tracking Software
$150 Month
25. Call Tracking Setup
$650 Setup
26. Text Tracking & Notifications
$200 Setup
27. Citation Listing & Sync Software
$50 Month
28. Call Spam Filtering
$50 Month
29. High Speed Hosting
$50 Month
30. Call Routing
$50 Month
31. Call Recording
$50 Month
32. Call Whisper
$50 Month
33. Extra Voicemail Setup
$30 Month
34. 24/7 Live Call Log Access
$50 Month
What It Would Cost...
Guess What?

Our Machine Doesn't Cost $18,030

You Pay When Our Machine Produces Results!
Doesn't It Make Sense To Pay For What You Get...
Instead of What You Might Get?
Of Course It Does!
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Plans & Pricing
Can We Really Help You...
In Just 7 Quick Days!

From: Garret Merkley

Founder of eWebify

307 Dividend Dr.

Peachtree City, GA 30269

Yes We Can!

7 days is a pretty big promise.

And we will be risking our own money, time and software to accomplish it.

How Do We Do It?

We have a proven system...

It hasn't been easy to create and perfect. In fact, it has cost us $100,000+ & 1,000s of hours.

We call it a phone call machine.

In fact, it is producing calls for our clients every single day!

It produces calls 24/7 throughout the U.S. & Canada.

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Garret Merkley
Owner of eWebify
In Business Since 2010
Call: (678)723-3558

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If You're Looking For Any Of The Following...

We Can Help!

Marketing, SEO, Lead Generation, Web Development, Call Tracking, Review Acquisition, Hosting Help, Wordpress Experts, and much much more.

We Are Not your Typical Marketing Company

We don't say yes to everyone...


Sometimes people call us in industries we haven't tested. We don't say yes just to take your money.

We have to make sure we can deliver what we promise.

When we say yes we are saying yes because we're confident we can help you with our marketing services and software solutions.

1. Is There Any Contract?

No there isn't a contract. We don't lock people into anything based on a written agreement for a specified time frame. The partnership between you (the local business owner), us (eWebify) is designed to benefit each party. We stay together because it benefits both of us.

2. Do We Offer SEO Services?

Yes, we do...

But today SEO isn't enough. That is why we combine all of our marketing services into what we call "The Phone Call Machine". It takes various software pieces and services to get it to work for you.