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We Offer Exclusive Partnerships To Qualifying Individuals

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Let's face it. Most business owners are stressed, overwhelmed & have too many responsibilites.

They can't do everything...even if they try really hard.

Their online presence, marketing, leads, sales, etc are just some of those things we help with as partners.

And since that is all we do we become one of the "Best" partners any business could ask for.

Pay Per Call Partnership

Some companies offer pay per call marketing. We have taken it 10 steps further by offering a Pay Per Call Partnership. We have taken brand new businesses and helped turn them into the most successful company in their industry and geographic area in less than a year.

Guess what? Most of these companies would still be struggling to get work if they didn't partner with us.

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34 Features Our Partnership Gives You...In Just The First 3 Months & What It Could Cost You?
1. Premium 2.0 Website
2. SEO
$1,200 Month
3. Content Submission Access
4. Private Backlink Boost
5. Premium Plugins & Software
6. Google My Business Verification
7. Profit Driven Keyword Research
8. Domain Research & Acquisition
9. Progression Email To Call Forms
10. ROI Reporting Software
11. Mobile Call & Text Optimization
12. Content Creation
$300 Month
13. Sitemap Creation
14.Sitemap Automatic Submissions
15. Review Acquisition & Management
$300 Month
16. Facebook Account Creation
17. Facebook Account Optimization
18. Website Pinging Database
19. Webmaster Tools Setup
20. RSS Feed & Submissions
21. Google Analytics Setup
22. Google Tag Manager Integration
23. Custom Tag Setup & Tracking
24. Call Tracking Software
$150 Month
25. Call Tracking Setup
$650 Setup
26. Text Tracking & Notifications
$200 Setup
27. Citation Listing & Sync Software
$50 Month
28. Call Spam Filtering
$50 Month
29. High Speed Hosting
$50 Month
30. Call Routing
$50 Month
31. Call Recording
$50 Month
32. Call Whisper
$50 Month
33. Extra Voicemail Setup
$30 Month
34. 24/7 Live Call Log Access
$50 Month
What It Would Cost...
Guess What?

Marketing, SEO, Sales, & Your Online Reputation Is Complicated

Stop Wasting Money & Time Trying To "Figure It Out"
Instead, Get Accepted Into Our Pay Per Call Partnership Program
It Just Makes Sense...
To Only Spend Money On Results
Partnerships Available For Qualified Companies
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Plans & Pricing
Is Partnering With eWebify Worth It...
Our Partners Say YES!

From: Garret Merkley

Founder of eWebify

307 Dividend Dr.

Peachtree City, GA 30269

Our Story

eWebify is a unique partner for local business owners.


Because we are owner operated and I (Garret) also own local businesses.

I get what it takes to run and be successful as a local business owner because I own and run successful local businesses

You won't get that from another marketing company...most of which are headquartered in big cities with 100s of employees who have no idea what life is like as a local business owner.

Feel free to call us, text us, email us, or fill out the application form to apply to our exclusive pay per call partnership program.


Garret Merkley
Owner of eWebify
In Business Since 2010
Call: (678)723-3558

Let Us Know You're Interested
P.S. (Who This Isn't For)

Our Partnership Program Isn't For Everyone

We do not accept every partnership application that comes to us.

In fact, we work hard to make sure each company is worth having a 2, 3, 5yr+ relationship.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for the diamond among local business owners. Let's be honest. Not all business owners are easy, nice, or enjoyable to work with.

Sometimes businesses we don't approve just don't have enough motivation or drive to be successful.

It isn't easy being a business owner and we want to work with those that know and understand that and are overcoming those pains.

1. Is There A Partnership Contract?

Yes and no. It is a contract that spells out the partnership terms. However, it is not a contract that locks you into a multi-month or multi-year committment. You can leave or end the partnership at any time.

2. Is everything included in this partnership?

Sort of. Our partnerships are based on a geographic area. Kind of like a franchise agreement where you and they agree to have a certain area in and industry.

If there is another business that has already and is currently a pay per call partner in your industry and city, we won't be able to partner with you in that area. However, most local businesses service multiple cities.

3. Is the review process free?

Yes, we do not charge applicants looking to enter a partnership with us. If in the end it isn't a good fit, we are still happy to meet you and learn about your business.

4. Do we have software included?

Yes, we have some pretty awesome software included in our partnership program. We have an amazing software included that we also sell people individually called the "Review Assistant". You find out about this here (Online Review Software). This is a huge deal for companies who don't know how to get Google reviews. We also have a qucik review checker for companies to see how many reviews they have online.

We also give away free advice through our blog. That has helped local businesses who are the die hard "DIYers". LIke teaching people how to setup a link to Google reviews. We also offer our call tracking software that tracks all the calls, records the calls, gives reports, sends notifications, etc, etc, etc. We are not currently offering this as a stand alone product yet for people outside our partnerships.