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What is it like working with eWebify?

Watch over 15 videos below to get insight from our customers themselves & meet our team.

Software sneak peaks included in the videos!

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You Want Proof eWebify Works!
It's Easy. Watch These Videos!

We're offering you Pressure Washing Marketing that we know works.

But until you try it you won't know it works.


We thought these customer testimonials would help. Real customers, real experiences, and proof it works!

What Will You Get? Watch These Insider Videos

Here are a 3 insider videos of software and what you'll get with marketing your pressure washing company with eWebify.

It doesn't get any more real than this!

These examples come from our real customers that are experiencing success with our marketing services.

Meet Our Team

We service customers throughout the United States & Canada.

Because of this, we can't have in-person meetings with everyone.


We thought some real on the spot videos would show you who we are and allow you to meet the team informally.

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Some Real Numbers We Are Proud Of
It Took A Lot To Achieve These #s
8,182 Phone Calls
You read that right, 8,000+ phone calls! We've sent over 8,000 phone calls to pressure washing companies just like yours.
2,000+ Text Messages
People love to send text messages. This is true for local businesses as well. Our marketing includes options for customers to text you.
21+ 5 Star Reviews
It is important to us that at the end of the day our clients are more than happy to rate us 5 stars. We work hard to make sure every relationship is a win-win scenario.
900+ Subscribers
Our clients and potential clients subscribe to our content in order to help their business grow. We are the experts when it comes to marketing for local business owners.
200+ Facebook Fans
Staying connected and easily accessible to our clients is important. That is why our clients have our direct lines and become fans of our social media accounts.
150+ Clients
We know each pressure washing company by name. We know their receptionists, owners, and more. We want your business to be as important to us as our business.
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From: Garret Merkley

Founder of eWebify

307 Dividend Dr.

Peachtree City, GA 30269

You Are A Pressure Washing Business...Right?

Then you know as well as we do that you need more customers.

Do you know the best way to get more customers?

Via the world wide web...aka "The Internet"!

Get Ranked #1 On Google!

It makes a huge difference and we can do that for you.


We're different than other companies that promise #1 rankings.

Instead, we do it and only get paid when those #1 rankings turn into real customers calling you.

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Where Should Your Marketing Start...
What Marketing Works?

There is no end to websites, companies, and people that will offer you marketing services.

Where do you start and how do you choose?

The truth is...

Many of these work and many of them don't for all types of reasons.

The Best Way To Market Your Pressure Washing Company Is...

"Pay Per Call Marketing"
Ever Heard Of It?
Let Me Explain Below
Only Pay For Exclusive Leads
Doesn't It Make Sense?
Of Course It Makes Sense!
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From: Garret Merkley

Founder of eWebify

307 Dividend Dr.

Peachtree City, GA 30269

Companies Ask Why We Only Offer 1 Spot

It's simple!

We are committed to one pressure washing company per city because it is in your best interest.

Why would you want your marketing company offering their services to your competitors?

You don't!

eWebify Is Like Having Your Own Internal Marketing Team

And in today's ever-changing climate you need someone that cares about producing results for you...and just you!

*Request Your City

THIS IS NOT US: If you're wanting a big marketing company that has 1,000+ clients and many aggresive salesman, we are not that company.

YES, THIS IS US: If you are needing a team that cares and gets compensated based on clear trackable results, then we are that team!

I bet you know...

That you don't have the money to throw away money on marketing that just doesn't work.

You also are aware that many businesses fail because they spend too much money on things that don't produce results.

Our services are designed where we get paid when we produce results for you!

It just makes sense for pressure washers to only use our marketing services.

1. Will We Lock Your Pressure Washing Company Into A Contract?

Do you want this?

Most likely you said no and that is our answer to the question.

No, we don't lock pressure washers into contracts.

We think you should stay with us because what we are doing works.

Would you agree?

2. So How Much Does This All Cost?

That is a fantastic question.

The answer is actually unique to each company.


Because we charge our clients based on exclusive phone calls that we send directly to them.

So, it depends on how many calls you want and how many calls we can produce for you.

Some pressure washers pay a couple $100 a month while others pay $1,000+.

3. What's So Great About Pay Per Call?

We think this one is a no brainer.

You could pay $1,000s to have a custom website built for you...

You could pay $1,500+ on SEO to help you get ranked on the top of Google...

You could pay even more for custom software, print advertising and more.

Or you could simply pay a set amount when a real human being in your area picks up the phone and calls you because they need your services.

1 option isn't exact or guaranteed and the other is.

Which one would you want?

4. What Other Industries Do We Offer Marketing For?

Throughout the years eWebify has marketed for painters, roofers, doctors, attornies, locksmiths, appliance repairman, handymen, security system companies and more.