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Let's face it...

Everybody says their Pressure Washing Advertising works and is the best.

Instead of saying that to you...

We're letting our pressure washing clients and other business clients tell you what they've witnessed.

It's simple! Take their word for it.

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Numbers We're Happy About!
These Numbers Are No Small Feat
8,182 Phone Calls
Yep! We've sent over 8,000 phone calls to our pressure washers. Think if just 50% became customers at $400 a piece. That's 1+ million!
2,000+ Text Messages
Guess what? People want to send text messages to businesses. We allow that in our advertising. We make it easy for people to contact you.
21+ 5 Star Reviews
Our pressure washing clients trust us. And we definitely have the client testimonials to prove it. Read, watch & listen to what they are saying about us.
900+ Subscribers
We are the experts in marketing for small or local business owners. So much, that businesses subscribe to our content and information. We know what we are doing!
200+ Facebook Fans
Staying connected to our pressure washing clients is important. One way we do this is via our Facebook page. Stay up to date with us there or by calling anytime and any day.
150+ Clients
We don't have 1,000s of clients. Why? Because it is hard to provide quality support to that many businesses. We stay small and personal with each client we bring on.
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From: Garret Merkley

Founder of eWebify

307 Dividend Dr.

Peachtree City, GA 30269

You Own A Pressure Washing Company... Right?

Then you know how important it is to keep getting customers.

Guess how that is done?

Via the internet!

Pressure Washers Need To Show Up At The Top of Google!

We can help you get there.

We do it every single day and our efforts turn into real leads via exclusive calls to our clients.

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What's The Best Place To Advertise Your...
Pressure Washing Company?

There is a lot of confusion on how and where pressure washers should spend their marketing $$$.

There are many websites...

Companies & so called "Gurus" out there.

But the best type of marketing...

Is Called "Pay Per Call Marketing"
Watch This Quick Video Explanation
Simple & To The Point
Pay For Exclusive Painting Leads...
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Limited Pressure Washing Spots

From: Garret Merkley

Founder of eWebify

307 Dividend Dr.

Peachtree City, GA 30269

People Ask Us Why 1 Per City

Answer: We are not like other marketing companies that want as many clients as possible...

And don't really care if they are advertising for two competing companies.

But we care!

We Are An Exclusive Marketing Partnership!

It's like having your very own marketing team in-house.

But you pay for the results rather than the hours and hours of time spent marketing.

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NOT US: If you are looking for a large marketing company with 1,000s of clients and pushy salesman, we are not them.

YES, THIS IS US: If you are looking for a company that gets paid to market your business based on real trackable results, then that is us.

Guess what?

You can't afford to waste your money on marketing that doesn't work. In fact, many businesses fail because they have spent small fortunes on marketing that fails.

We get paid when your phone rings with real people who need your services.

It's that simple!

1. Do We Have Pressure Washing Marketing Contract?


We don't lock our pressure washing clients into contracts. In fact, we don't lock anybody into a contract.

The number 1 reason you stay and keep using our advertising services is that it is helping your pressure washing company grow and succeed.

Not because you are stuck.

2. How Much Does Pressure Washing Advertising Cost?

Great question.

It depends. For us, it depends on how many phone calls you want to get and in which cities you want them.

It's a complete marketing system that depends on the results that come into your business as exclusive phone calls.

Pressure washers can spend a couple $100 or a couple $1,000 depending on their needs.

3. Why Is Pay Per Call Marketing Great For Pressure Washers?

Here is an example.

A couple months ago I spoke with a pressure washer near Houston, Texas.

He explained that when he started his business he knew he needed a website. So he reached out to a couple companies and picked one.

They pitched him on a very fancy website which eventually cost him $6,000. They promised it would help and work.

1 year later I spoke to him and he informed me that he had never received a single phone call because of this website.

That is why you should pay for marketing that is based on real people picking up the phone and calling you.

It just makes sense.

4. What Types of Advertising Do We Offer?

There are many ways to advertise your pressure washing business. We offer all of them when it comes to the internet but we charge you based on phone calls.

Here is a list of marketing/advertising we do.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2. Citation Management
3. Web Development
4. Social Media
5. Review Acquistion
6. Blogging
7. SEM (Pay Per Click)

5. What Other Industries Do We Help?

We specialize in certain industries and pressure washing is one.

However, there are other industries we serve. Here are two industries we do really at as well.

1. Appliance Repair Marketing

2. Painting Leads