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How To Email Large Files, In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Bypass The 25MB Size Limit on Gmail & Use Google Drive

Have you ever been frustrated with the fact that you can't send large files through your email account. I am going to show you how to email large files. Feel free to use our always present table of contents box in the right sidebar to quickly navigate this article.

Google has a 25MB file size limit which really reduces the size of files that can be emailed to friends, colleagues, or clients. 25MB just isn't enough when you are sending multiple files that are medium size or one large file like a video.

Many people will end up sending multiple emails with the various file attachments spread throughout them. This can get extremely confusing and frustrating as someone has to open each email over and over again to access or find the right file they need. Other people decide to browse the internet for third party options. These options often cost money or come with their own set of limitations and frustrations.

In this basic guide I am going to walk you through a really easy and convenient method to send, share, and interact with large files for free. If you have not been introduced to Google Drive yet, then let this be your first aha moment!

* Feel free to browse our blog for more useful information. My latest article taught small business owners how to transfer their Google My Business Listing back into their ownership.

What is Google Drive?

Right now you are either accessing eWebify on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Each of these devices have some sort of storage device often referred to as the drive. For phones the amount of storage ranges from 16GB to 100’s of GB. You most likely have photos, videos, apps, software and games all stored on your phones drive.

Imagine Google Drive as an extension of your drives on all these devices but it can be accessed from anywhere and from any type of digital device. This makes accessing important information extremely easy. Another “Popular” way to describe it that has become a huge key phrase is “its on the cloud”.

If you want to know even more about Google Drive and what it is, I recommend checking out this in depth Google Drive Wikipedia page.

How Can I Sign Up For Google Drive?

All you need is a free gmail account and Google automatically signs you up and gives you 5GB of free space. 5GB equals 5000MB. Remember how gmail limits you from sending only 25MB at a time. Guess what, through Google Drive you can technically send 1,000 times more data to friends, colleagues, clients, etc and it is a lot easier and more convenient to those who will have access to the files.

What if I Need More Than 5 GB?

You can always buy more storage space if you need it. I for one have never used all my storage space on Google Drive but I also don’t deal with many videos and videos can easily fill up 5GB. You can access Google drive by going to or by finding it through your gmail account. If you don’t know how to do that, feel free to message me on eWebify’s Facebook page or eWebify’s Google+ page.

*Another amazing thing about Google Drive is that it works seamlessly with all of Google products like Gmail and can even sync to your computer. This makes the marketing I do for locksmiths, contractors, lawyers, etc a lot easier when I have to travel, share the files, and allow access to my files.

How To Email Large Files Via Google Drive

We are going to assume that you have already created a free gmail account or had one previously.

Step 1

Log into your gmail account. Here is the link to login.


Step 2

dial-pad-gmailClick on the dial pad icon in the top left of your gmail account.

Step 3

After clicking the dial pad a drop down box will show up. You should have the Drive icon here. If it isn’t, click the more button and find it and then click on it.


Step 4

You should now be in Google Drive. You can immediately start to upload files here. Google Drive does have a good file organization system that can be seen through the file and folder icons in the left sidebar. Locate the red button that says new. Click that and it will give you a few options including the options to upload files.

*You can now also upload files in folders by dragging and dropping them into your folders. This makes it really easy.


Step 5

No that you have uploaded your file to Google Drive you can share it with the world or just some select individuals. Below are the various ways you can set your sharing settings for this particular file you have uploaded. Remember that there are no limits to the amount of files you can upload. You can even upload multiple files at one time.

How To Set The Sharing Settings For Your Files on Google Drive

So you want to share your file with everyone. By everyone we really mean everyone. You can give any of your files a public setting which means it can be accessed and found by anyone and anything via the internet. If your file is private or contains sensitive information, we highly recommend you don’t do this but if you need to here is how.

1. Select the file you want to share.


2. While the file is selected click the share button.


3. Now expand the Link Sharing On option for more sharing settings. Once this expands click the more… option.


4. Now you can choose from the various sharing settings including the setting to make the file Public on the Web.


What Users Can Do With Your File

Google Drive allows you to give different types of access to your Google Drive files. You can limit people to simply view your file. You can give the person access to edit the file and you can give access to comment on your file.

Share Your Google Drive Files By URL

You can share your Google Drive files by sending them a link to the file and allowing people who have links to see it.

Give Access To Large Files By Email Invitation

You can give access to your files on Google Drive by adding their email address to the access list. The individual will receive an email alert telling them that they have been given access to this file.


1. I have been using Google Drive for years now and have used it for personal files and business files. Definitely my number one resource for this one is hands on experience. If you have any additional questions on how this works, do not hesitate to reach out to me via one of our social media channels or by phone.

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