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Very professional guys. They know what they are doing

Date: Feb 9, 2017
Hello, Vadim here from Mr. V appliance repair.

I just want to briefly describe my experience using eWebify. I contacted Mark and Garret to try to find something new in my advertising campaign to see where I can invest money more wisely and grow successfully and get as much clientele as I could.

They promised a lot of things which a lot of companies do. We went over all basis of what I am looking for and what they offer. We came to a conclusion and they signed me on. With eWebify they had numerous projects in line. When it was all said and done and I signed up and they made it live.

Within a couple weeks, I started noticing that I should be lowering my other advertising that I had because I started growing with leads and they were coming from eWebify. Which were very successful results and I am very happy with the results I am receiving currently. There is a lot more to grow with eWebify and I am looking forward to it.

I am very happy that it is moving as it was promised to me from Garret and his associates. Now I do recommend them highly and I think they are a very professional team and a very skillful team. At this point, I am very happy. In fact, we actually met face to face. You know to put a name on the face. Very professional guys. They know what they are doing.

The websites I have now are very professional. My dispatcher informs me every time we have good leads going through them. A good feature is that it is recorded so that I can see if they are legitimate customers and am I making money.

I put thumbs up.” ~ Vadim - Atlanta, GA