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144 Phone Calls To A 7 Month Old Business

His Business Has Exploded!

100+ Phone Calls Every Month

This company focuses on glass repair, installation, glass showers, windows, etc. He started his business late in 2015 and shortly after signed up with eWebify as a Pay Per Call Partner.

He didn't know what to expect at first but we promised him the world and we have more than delivered. These are the results for May 2016. Every call on here is from a new person who has never called him before. They are wanting his services.

We Generate 1,000s Of Exclusive Phone Calls Each Month

If We Get People To Call You, Can You Turn Them Into Paying Customers?

  1. No problem.
  2. I already get calls that turn into jobs but I just need more of them.
  3. Work is really slow but my competitors seem to be doing well.
  4. I'm great at what I do...but I just need more people to call me.
  5. Definitely! My prices are competitive & my quality of work is high.

How Many Phone Calls Should You Be Getting?

Most Local Businesses Should Be Getting 1 - 10 Phone Calls A Day

Join Our PPCall Program & Never Worry About A Lack Of Work Again!

How Fast Can You Get Phone Calls?

After you are approved to join our PPCall Program you could start seeing phone calls in the first month!

Of course each industry and geographic location is different but we get companies from ground zero to running extremely fast!

Imagine Getting a 100+ Phone Calls A Month...

From people who found you online!

After partnering with eWebify you will get phone calls from people that say things like this...

"I found you online & loved your reviews!"

"I was researching your company online & saw some pictures of work you have done. Can you do that for me?"

"I saw your website & don't want to go with anyone else. Will you please..."

Why eWebify Is The Best Investment You'll Ever Make?

Reason #1: We Get Paid When We Deliver Results!

Reason #2: Our Pricing Model Is Unbeatable.

Reason #3: You Will Make Way More Money Off Our Partnership Than We Ever Will!

What You Will Get As A PPCall Partner

1. Our complete software package so you'll have the best technology working for you!

2. Your own account manager so you'll always have 1 on 1 support and service.

3. Everything is tracked & recorded so that you'll have exact ROI numbers.

4. Alerts, Updates & Notifactions so every phone call gets noticed.

5. Community sponsored upgrades & new releases so your company is always on the front edge of marketing.

Here's Some Of Our Client Reviews

Recent Reviews

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Jones Pressure Cleaning

West Palm Beach, FL

Date: Jun 2, 2016
My name is Brent Jones and I'm with Jones Pressure Cleaning. I wanted to let you know that the Pay Per Call with eWebify has satisfied me in so many ways with the amount of business I am receiving from eWebify.

You are able to look up your calls on a call tracking software. Listen to your voicemail so you can actually listen to your calls as you go. So you can do better with the way you get your business. it is amazing how they offer such a great service and allow you to sort through the spam so that you are only charged for the ones that are a real customer and really focus on your business.

Garret and devon from eWebify have been overly helpful with the amount of customer service they offer to their partners. I recommend eWebify to anybody.” - Brent Jones

Services Provided

We've been partners with Jones Pressure Cleaning since January 2016. He was just starting his pressure washing company. He has been fantastic to work with. Within the first 6 months we achieved first page rankings for most of the major keywords in his industry and area.

Date: Jul 20, 2017
Hi, this is Brock with Rocky Mountain painters.

Garret and his team with eWebify have been great at being very professional. Getting us professional SEO friendly Organic free traffic up and running for us.

They have also successfully run ad campaigns for us with great results.

We have received over 120 leads from them over the last 5 months.

We've converted them into estimates about 74% and of those, we have converted those into jobs at 31% of the time.

They've been great at helping us improve our sales process and handling any requests or questions and training we need in a timely and professional manner.

I definitely recommend them to any painter looking to grow their online presence in any way at an affordable price. All the while growing their bottom line handsomely. ” - Brock N.

Services Provided

Brock and his team have been a good honest company to work with...which we love. They have a lot of hope and plans for their company and we have been able to set them on the right course which is always fun.

We have increased their rankings on Google and continue every day to introduce more and more people to their company which results in real actionable phone calls by these customers.

Date: Mar 16, 2018
“Excellent service provided by Becca. We just signed up and Call volume will eventually go up once the campaign is running for few weeks. Good thing is you only pay for call not per click. We have advertised directly with google before and it was waste of money. $500 per day be gone and no calls. That was rip off by google. eWebfi provides real calls and you only pay for real leads. Thanks Becca for helping our business grow ;)” - Shaw Hussain

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The Results Of Our Work Is Why You Should Become A PPCall Partner

Marketing for local companies is hard work. It takes a lot of planning, execution, and consistent effort. Here are 3 examples that we have recently shared on our website. We hope that this gives you a glimpse as to why local businesses are becoming PPCall Partners.

3 Recent Examples

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Text Us: 678-723-3558

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We are not your typical marketing company.

On day one we are not profitable. In fact, it often takes us 4 - 6 months to make our money back when we partner with local businesses.

It's risky and sometimes we lose money on certain business owners.


We work hard to only work with quality businesses that are worth investing in.


1. Is There Any Contract?


No there isn't a contract. We don't lock people into anything based on a written agreement for a specified time frame. The partnership between you (the local business owner), us (eWebify) and your Certified Partner is a 3-way partnership designed to benefit each party. We stay together because it benefits all of us.

2. Will I Have To Pay For Web Design & Development?


Your Certified Partner will be making regular changes, additions, and enhancements to the website. All for the intend to get more people to learn about your business and pick up the phone and call. So the short answer is no.

3. I Already Have A Website...What Do We Do?


Your Certified Partner will be making regular changes, additions, and enhancements to the website. All for the intend to get more people to learn about your business and pick up the phone and call. So the short answer is no.