Privacy Policy

Last Updated on November 13, 2023


Welcome to the digital platforms of eWebify LLC. Our detailed privacy policy, outlined in subsequent sections, informs you about the kinds of personal data we gather, its usage, the parties we share it with, and our efforts to safeguard it. We've elaborated on these aspects in the following content and suggest you review them for comprehensive understanding. Below is a summarized version for your convenience.

Data Collection: What and How?

We gather two kinds of data from our online visitors:

  1. Non-personal data automatically collected, like the operating system of your device.

  2. Personal data, which you willingly submit or that we collect automatically.

For more insights, please refer to the detailed sections.

Usage of Collected Data

Non-personal data is utilized to manage and enhance our digital platforms and to inform business decisions about potential customer preferences.

Personal data that you provide is used to address your queries and deliver requested services. We guarantee that your personal data is neither sold nor leased to external data vendors or marketing entities. Legal obligations might necessitate disclosure of your information under certain circumstances.

For additional information, please see the detailed sections.

Disclosure Practices

Your personal information is shared when it's necessary for legal compliance or for our vendors and business partners to fulfill their contractual duties. We firmly refrain from selling or leasing personal data to third-party data brokers or marketing firms.

More information is available in the detailed sections.

Choices and Rights Regarding Your Privacy

Supplying personal information is not mandatory for accessing most features of our digital services. You have the option to opt out of certain activities, such as newsletters and updates. Depending on your location or the place of data collection, you may have specific rights under applicable data protection laws.

Contacting Us

Questions about this page may be sent to eWebify, LLC at 105 Depot Ct. Peachtree City, GA 30269

Acknowledgment and Scope

eWebify LLC ("eWebify," "us," "our team," or "the company") appreciates your engagement with the digital and mobile platforms we manage. The terms "you" and "your" here refer to you as the reader and any other users of our digital and mobile platforms, all of whom must be at least 13 years old. Our privacy policy ("this policy," "the privacy policy," or "our policy") aims to enlighten you about the nature of personal information we gather, its utilization, our sharing practices, and our efforts to protect your data.

Definition of Online and Mobile Resources

The term 'online and mobile resources' encompasses the various websites and internet functionalities under our ownership that facilitate your interaction with our web content. This also includes applications we have developed and distributed, enabling our customers and followers to access and interact with the materials we offer through our digital and mobile platforms.


At eWebify LLC, we may gather personal data from various categories of individuals: those who visit and utilize our digital and mobile platforms; our clientele; members of our workforce, including job applicants; and third-party service providers and business collaborators.

"Personal information" typically refers to data that can identify you or is easily associated with you, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, social security number, and date of birth. In certain legal jurisdictions, the definition of personal data includes additional specific elements, as mandated by laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) or the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). In such cases, our reference to "personal information" encompasses these legally required elements.

The nature of the information we collect and how we use it varies across these groups. It's worth noting that an individual could belong to multiple categories. The primary focus of this policy is the handling and sharing of personal data collected from visitors and users of our digital and mobile resources, as well as our customers.

Additionally, as you would expect from any employer, we accumulate professional and employment-related personal data about our existing and former staff and job applicants. This information is detailed in confidential internal human resources manuals and documents, accessible internally or via dedicated workforce/applicant portals and apps, which may sometimes be managed by third-party providers.

Furthermore, as a part of regular business operations, we engage with numerous vendors and business partners, collecting necessary personal information related to our contractual and business dealings. This typically includes basic business contact information. We utilize and share personal information obtained from these entities to manage and fulfill our contractual obligations and inform them about our products. The usage of this data is elaborated in our confidential agreements with these entities and through internal vendor management portals.


At eWebify LLC, we gather two primary kinds of data from our online visitors: (i) non-personal data, which is collected automatically from every visitor, such as the type of device operating system you use; and (ii) personal data that you provide willingly or that we collect automatically.

By engaging with our digital and mobile platforms, or by purchasing our products or services, you signify your agreement with this part of our privacy policy, consenting to our use and disclosure of your information as outlined here.

Voluntary Disclosure of Information

When engaging in certain activities on our online and mobile resources, you might be prompted to share personal information with us. This includes identifiers like your name, email, physical address, and phone number, professional information like your business sector, and financial details such as credit card information. We assure you that we do not sell, rent, or exchange voluntarily submitted personal information with third parties.

Opting not to provide such personal information is entirely your choice. This means avoiding participation in activities on our platforms that request this information and perhaps choosing to contact us via phone or traditional mail instead. While opting out may limit your full experience with our online and mobile resources, it won’t restrict your access to publicly available information on these platforms.

How You Provide Us with Personal Information and Its Use

Emails and Online Forms: Sending us an email or filling out online forms, for instance, to contact us, entails retaining your email address and any additional personal information provided. We utilize this data to directly respond to you and process your request, which might involve emails, calls, or text messages from us. We may also send information about our products or services that could interest you.

Account Registration: Registering for an account, or a sub-account for your child, requires submitting personal data like names and email addresses, which we retain to manage the account(s) and communicate with you and any sub-accounts via email.

Event Registration: When you register for our events or programs (not outsourced to third parties with their own privacy policies), you provide the identifiers mentioned above. If there’s a fee involved, financial details like credit card information may be requested. This information is used for event registration and communication.

Subscribing to Our Service: Information from our customers is used to fulfill contractual obligations, manage accounts, and communicate regarding the purchased products and services.

Social Media and Community Features: Our online and mobile platforms may offer community features akin to social media, allowing users to post messages, comments, images, or other files. If you use these features, the information you post, including any personal details, becomes public and is not protected by this policy.

Information Collected Automatically by eWebify LLC

During your visits to eWebify LLC's digital and mobile platforms, certain basic information is passively captured through your web browser via tracking technologies like "cookies." These small text files downloaded onto your computer or mobile device help us recognize your device and remember certain preferences or past actions. For more insights, you can refer to our Cookie Policy. General information about cookies and similar technologies can be found here.

We permit third-party vendors to utilize cookies or comparable technologies to gather information about your browsing habits over time after you use our site. For instance, we employ Google Analytics, a service by Google, Inc. ("Google"), which uses cookies to aid in analyzing your usage of our online and mobile resources, thereby enhancing your experience. Detailed information on Google's data use can be found at You can also learn about opting out of Google Analytics at

The data collected through cookies and similar methods includes: the domain name and IP address you used to access our platforms; the browser and operating system you use; the time and duration of your visit; the specific pages, graphics viewed, and documents downloaded; links to other sites you used to access or from our platforms; and links from other sites you used to get to our platforms.

Moreover, if you access our resources via a phone or mobile device, the mobile service provider may transmit unique mobile device identifiers to us, allowing the collection of mobile phone numbers associated with these identifiers. Some mobile phone vendors have systems that can determine the physical location of devices, and we might receive this information if location services are enabled on your device. To prevent the collection and use of geolocation data, you can disable location services in your device settings.

We utilize both the automatically collected and mobile device information to generate aggregate reports on popular sections of our online and mobile resources, understanding how our customers and followers use our platforms. This data is then used to manage and enhance our resources, making your activities more convenient and efficient, and to improve functionality, like remembering certain information to save you time.

Data Retention Practices at eWebify LLC

At eWebify LLC, we store and utilize your personal information in line with relevant laws and as long as it's necessary for the purposes outlined earlier, adhering to our internal data retention protocols. Our retention timeframe is determined by several factors: (i) the duration of our ongoing relationship with you; (ii) any existing legal obligations; and (iii) the advisability of retention for enforcing our agreements, complying with legal statutes of limitations, resolving disputes, or handling litigation and regulatory inquiries.

Caution for Users: Third-Party Sites, Apps, Links, and Social Media

eWebify LLC engages on various external social media platforms, including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Additionally, we might enable certain features of our online and mobile resources to interconnect with, or be accessible from, our external social media profiles. Likewise, our platforms may include links to third-party websites or applications.

It's important to note that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these social media platforms, nor the third-party websites or apps linked to our resources. These external sites, apps, and platforms operate independently from us and have their own privacy policies and terms of use. For inquiries regarding how these external entities collect and utilize personal information, we advise you to review their privacy policies carefully and contact them directly using the information they provide.


At eWebify LLC, we utilize non-personal data to manage and improve our online and mobile resources, and to inform decisions regarding potential programs that might interest our customers.

The personal information you provide voluntarily is used for our legitimate business interests, which include responding to your queries and delivering requested services, among other uses detailed below. We firmly refrain from selling or renting your personal information to third-party data vendors or marketing companies. However, we may disclose your information when legally mandated. We might also use your personal information with your consent or as permitted or required by applicable law.

Sharing with Affiliates / Lead Providers / Lead Buyers

Beyond the third parties mentioned above, we may share your information, including personal data, within our group of companies. These affiliates / Lead Providers / Lead Buyers will utilize your information in a manner similar to ours, as per this privacy policy. This includes sending you details about their products, services, or initiatives that might interest you.

Legally Required Disclosures

Your information, including personal data, may be disclosed to government authorities or other third parties when required by government mandates, at our discretion, or as needed or allowed by law, including but not limited to compliance with court orders and subpoenas.

To Prevent Harm

We may disclose your information, including personal data, if we believe it necessary to prevent injury or interference with our rights or property, other users of our platforms, or anyone potentially harmed by such activities.

Business Transfers

In the event of a business transfer, such as an acquisition, merger, sale, reorganization, consolidation, or liquidation, your personal information might be among the transferred assets, whether it involves us, our affiliates, or their assets.

Vendors and Business Partners

We may share your information, including personal data, with our vendors and other third parties with whom we have contractual relationships. This extends to vendors offering third-party software services chosen by you for your sales funnels. We endeavor to disclose only the necessary information to these parties.

We have established standards for vendors and business partners who receive personal data from us, seeking to bind them to these standards through written contracts. We try to contractually limit their use of the personal data we provide, ensuring it's used only for the intended business purpose, not disclosed further without our consent or instruction, remains our property, and is not transferred outside the United States without our consent.

However, it's important to note that we cannot assure complete adherence to these contractual requirements by all vendors and business partners, nor can we guarantee their full compliance even when they agree to these terms.


At eWebify LLC, you have the option not to share personal information. However, choosing not to provide such information may limit your access to certain functionalities of our online and mobile resources. Additionally, you have the opportunity to opt out of specific activities, such as receiving our newsletters and announcements. Individuals in certain regions, or those from whom we collected personal data while they were in such regions, may enjoy additional rights under relevant data protection laws.

"GDPR Jurisdictions" refers to the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Japan, which, having been recognized with an “adequacy decision” by the European Commission, comply with the GDPR's key provisions.

If we use your personal information to send you marketing materials, like newsletters or product alerts via email or text, and you wish to stop receiving these materials, you can opt out by following the instructions in the communication (e.g., replying "STOP" to a text), or by reaching out to us through the contact details provided below. After we receive your request, we will endeavor to promptly remove your name from our mailing lists. Please be aware that there may be a short delay in processing your request, during which you might still receive communications from us. Besides opting out, you also have the right to access, modify, and delete your personal information, which can be exercised by contacting us using the below-mentioned contact information.

Regarding "do not track" signals from web browsers, which allow users to express their preference against online tracking, we currently do not have mechanisms to recognize or respond to such signals.


eWebify LLC recognizes the importance of safeguarding children's privacy, especially online. Federal regulations place specific restrictions and duties on commercial websites that target or collect information from children under 13 years old. We are committed to complying with these age-specific legal requirements and, as such, do not design our online and mobile resources for use by children under 13 without verified consent from a child's parent or legal guardian.

Additionally, we do not knowingly collect personal information from minors under the age of 13. Any such information must be provided by a parent or legal guardian, following our verification procedures established for the online and mobile resources. In the event we discover that personal information has been provided by someone under the age of 18 without appropriate parental or legal guardian consent and that it is not essential for accessing or using our Services, we will promptly remove that information and refrain from using it for any purpose. If you suspect that a minor under the age of 18 has submitted personal information to our platforms, please reach out to us.

We urge parents and legal guardians to engage in open discussions with their children about the risks associated with providing personal information on the Internet.


At eWebify LLC, we are committed to implementing robust security measures to safeguard the personal information you provide through our online and mobile resources. Our comprehensive security strategy, which encompasses technical, organizational, administrative, and various other security measures, is crafted to guard against potential and actual security threats to personal data, aligning with industry standards and relevant legal requirements (referred to as the “Security Program”). However, we must acknowledge that no system can absolutely guarantee that your data will be immune from unauthorized access, or that loss, misuse, destruction, or alteration won't occur during transmission or while under our care. Apart from our obligation to maintain the Security Program as per legal requirements, we disclaim liability for any theft, loss, unauthorized access, damage, or interception of any data, including personal information. We believe our Security Program is both reasonable and fitting for the type of business we conduct and the foreseeable risks to the personal data we handle. Regular reviews and updates to our Security Program are conducted in line with applicable laws.

As an integral part of our Security Program, we have established specific incident response and management protocols. These protocols are activated immediately upon any indication that your personal information might have been compromised. Furthermore, our oversight procedures for vendors and business partners include a requirement for these entities to promptly notify us if they suspect or become aware of any incident that could adversely affect the personal information we have shared with them.


This section is applicable to individuals who are residents of the state of California, USA, including visitors, users, and others. When we gather personal information from California residents, we are obligated to adhere to the California Consumer Privacy Act, as amended (“CCPA”), and California residents are entitled to certain rights under this act. This segment of our statement is designed to fulfill our CCPA responsibilities and outline your CCPA rights. For the purposes of this section, the term "Personal Information" holds the definition provided by the CCPA.

What Information Did We Collect from California Residents?

The chart below provides an overview of how we collect, utilize, and share your Personal Information, categorized in accordance with the CCPA. It specifies the sources from which we collect Personal Information, the business objectives for collecting and/or sharing Personal Information, and the categories of third parties with whom we share Personal Information. This summary covers our practices over the 12 months preceding the effective date of this Privacy Statement. We will not collect additional categories of Personal Information or employ the Personal Information we have gathered for substantially different, unrelated, or incompatible purposes without notifying you and securing your consent if required by law.

In the previous 12 months, we shared or disclosed all the categories of Personal Information listed below for the specified business purposes.

Personal Information Categories

Sources of Personal Information

Business Purpose for Collection/Sharing

Shared/Disclosed with Third-Party Categories

- Identifiers (e.g., name, email, IP address)

- You or your agent - Affiliates

- Verify identity and maintain accounts/profiles - Provide customer service - Process and fulfill transactions - Process payments - Improve and personalize the website - Advertise and market products/services - Detect and prevent security incidents

1, 2, 3, 4

- Personal Information categories (Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.80(e)) (e.g., address, telephone number)

- You or your agent - Affiliates

- Verify identity and maintain accounts/profiles - Provide customer service - Process and fulfill transactions - Process payments - Improve and personalize the website - Advertise and market products/services - Detect and prevent security incidents

1, 2, 3, 4

- Protected classification characteristics under state or federal law (e.g., age, race, gender)

- You or your agent - Affiliates

- Verify identity and maintain accounts/profiles - Provide customer service - Process and fulfill transactions - Process payments - Improve and personalize the website - Advertise and market products/services - Detect and prevent security incidents

1, 2, 3, 4

- Commercial Information (e.g., purchase history)

- You or your agent - Affiliates

- Verify identity and maintain accounts/profiles - Provide customer service - Process and fulfill transactions - Process payments - Improve and personalize the website - Advertise and market products/services - Detect and prevent security incidents

1, 2, 3, 4

- Internet or other similar network activity (e.g., browsing history)

- Indirectly from your browser or device

- Verify identity and maintain accounts/profiles - Improve and personalize the website - Advertise and market products/services - Detect and prevent security incidents

1, 2, 3

- Geolocation data (e.g., physical location)

- Indirectly from your browser or device

- Verify identity and maintain accounts/profiles - Improve and personalize the website - Advertise and market products/services - Detect and prevent security incidents

2, 3

- Sensory data (e.g., audio, visual information)

- You or your agent

- Verify identity and maintain accounts/profiles - Provide customer service - Improve and personalize the website - Detect and prevent security incidents

1, 2

- Professional or employment-related information

- N/A

- N/A

- N/A

- Education information not covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

- N/A

- N/A

- N/A

- Inferences drawn from other Personal Information

- N/A

- N/A

- N/A

Please note that "Shared/Disclosed with Third-Party Categories" corresponds to the categories of third parties with whom Personal Information is shared or disclosed, as described in our practices.

This chart reflects eWebify LLC's compliance with the CCPA and outlines how we collect and use Personal Information in various categories. If you have specific information to add or modify in this chart, please provide that information, and I can incorporate it accordingly.

Categories of third parties with which Personal Information is shared/disclosed:

We may share your Personal Information with the following categories of third parties for business purposes:

  1. Affiliate Companies: We may disclose your Personal Information to our affiliated companies, which include entities related to eWebify LLC. These disclosures are made to support various business operations and services.

  2. Service Providers and Subcontractors: This category includes internet service providers, cloud service providers, data analytics providers, email marketing providers, and operating systems/platforms. We may share your Personal Information with these service providers and subcontractors to assist in the management and enhancement of our online presence at

  3. Third Parties for Marketing and Analytics Services: This group comprises advertising networks, data analytics providers, social networks, and market research providers. We collaborate with these third parties to enhance our marketing efforts and gain insights into user interactions with

  4. Professional Advisors: This category encompasses professional advisors such as accountants and auditors who may receive access to your Personal Information for purposes related to our business operations and compliance.

Please be assured that we take privacy and data security seriously, and we have established measures to safeguard your Personal Information when shared with these third parties. Our commitment is to ensure that your data is treated with the utmost care and used only for legitimate business purposes in alignment with the services provided at

Sharing Personal Information with Government Authorities and in Business Transfers

eWebify LLC may share your Personal Information with government authorities on a case-by-case basis, in compliance with lawful requests, or as required by applicable law. In the event of a sale or transfer of some or all of eWebify LLC's business or assets, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you if your Personal Information is to be shared with parties involved in the transaction(s).

Rights of California Residents - eWebify LLC

If you are a California resident, you may have certain rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). These rights include:

  1. Right to Know: You have the right to request a copy of your Personal Information held by eWebify LLC. You can also request information about the categories of Personal Information we have collected about you, the sources from which we collected it, the purposes for which it is used, the categories of third parties with whom we share or sell your Personal Information, and the specific pieces of Personal Information we have collected about you.

  2. Right to Correct: You have the right to request the correction of any inaccurate Personal Information we have about you in our records.

  3. Right to Delete: You can request the deletion of your Personal Information that we have collected and retained, subject to certain exceptions.

  4. Right to Opt Out: If we are engaged in the sale or sharing of your Personal Information for targeted advertising purposes (as defined by applicable law), you have the right to opt out of such activities.

  5. Right to Limit Sensitive Information: If we have collected sensitive Personal Information about you, you have the right to limit its use or disclosure, where permitted under the CCPA.

To exercise these rights, you can submit your privacy choices through our contact form on our website or calling any of our public phone numbers. You can exercise these rights up to two times every 12 months. Please note that we can only act on your request if we can verify your identity or your authority to make the request. We will verify your identity by asking you to provide identifying information that matches our records. You or an authorized agent must provide written authorization for the agent to submit a request on your behalf.

Upon receiving your request, we will confirm its receipt and respond within the timeframes prescribed by the CCPA.

We want to emphasize that exercising your privacy rights will not result in any discrimination against you. You will not receive different prices, rates, or a different level or quality of services based on your exercise of privacy rights. Your privacy and data protection are important to us.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation - eWebify LLC

We do collect or otherwise obtain personal information from data subjects located in the GDPR Jurisdictions. We fulfill our GDPR obligations with respect to our workforce/job applicants, our customers (and their own end-clients), and our vendors and business partners through a series of separate notices, contracts, or other terms provided to them at the time, and in the manner and form, GDPR and local law within each GDPR Jurisdiction requires.

We describe, in the immediately following section of this statement, how we comply with the GDPR for personal information collected from visitors to and users of our online and mobile resources while they were in a GDPR Jurisdiction. Thus for purposes of that section, the words “you” and “your” mean only such GDPR Jurisdiction-based visitors and users.

What do we collect from you in the GDPR Jurisdictions and how do we use it?

We collect from you the categories of personal information already described. The lawful basis on which we rely for such collection, later use, and disclosure, is what the GDPR refers to as legitimate interest. As stated elsewhere in this statement, we do not sell any of your personal information to third parties nor do we use it for automated decision making.

Cross-border Data Transfers and Third Party Processors

If we transfer personal information from the GDPR Jurisdictions to a location that has not been deemed by the European Commission to have adequate privacy protections, we do so in the manner the GDPR permits.

Rights of Data Subjects in the GDPR Jurisdictions

While we attempt to allow all visitors and users of our online and mobile resources to exercise a degree of control over their personal information, under the GDPR, we have a legal obligation to do so for you. More specifically, with respect to personal information collected from you while you were in a GDPR Jurisdiction, you have these rights: transparency, access, correction and deletion, portability, who, what, why, and where, and restriction/objection.

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact [contact email]. Your ability to exercise these rights is subject to certain conditions and exemptions that you can read about in Articles 12 through 23 of the GDPR. Among those conditions is our right to decline part or all of a request if we cannot satisfy our reasonable doubts and concerns about your identity in a manner that helps us minimize the risk that unauthorized persons might use a GDPR right to access your personal information. We will respond to all requests without undue delay, and in accordance with the time frames, if any, prescribed by the GDPR. If you are not satisfied with how we use your personal information or respond to your requests, you have the right to complain to your data protection regulator.

Pursuant to Article 27 of the GDPR, you may contact our EU representative using the following contact information:

IITR Datenschutz GmbH
Marienplatz 2, 80331 München, Germany


Rights of Data Subjects in Other Jurisdictions

In other jurisdictions, with similar data privacy regulations, we may collect from you the categories of personal information already described. We collect and manage (including disclose) such data in compliance with applicable local law(s). As noted, we do not sell any of your personal information to third parties nor do we use it for automated decision making.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

The English language version of this privacy statement is the controlling version regardless of any translation you may attempt.

We reserve the right to change or update this statement from time to time. Please check our online and mobile resources periodically for such changes since all information collected is subject to the statement in place at that time.