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You Want Proof eWebify Works!
Watch These Client Testimonials

We can't fake these authentic customer videos. Our clients are more than happy to share their honest opinions because our "AWESOME" system works and works really well. We care and we care to produce results!

Watch These “REAL” Insider Videos

These “Insider Videos” reveal our software and results that are happening right now for our clients. This is the behind the scenes results that our clients are soooo happy about.

Meet Us

There are a lot of companies to choose from. Some are good but most are not that great. Watch these videos to see who we are. This is us being 100% upfront and honest with you.

It's us saying hi!

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Some Of Our Impressive Stats
Numbers We're Proud Of
100,000+ Phone Calls
We have sent over 100,000 phone calls to our clients throughout the United States & Canada. We keep your phone ringing!
60,000+ Text Messages
Today people text and people are texting businesses more and more. We have text enabled marketing available.
20+ 5 Star Reviews
We work hard to make each customer happy. We've shared 20+ reviews here on our site and there are more online as well.
941 Subscribers
Every day local business owners are subscribing to eWebify content, groups, emails and more. We love helping local businesses grow!
200+ Facebook Fans
Between our officially eWebify Facebook page and our private groups we have over 200 fans we keep in touch with.
150+ Parters
We don't say yes to everyone. But we have said yes to over 150+ local businesses. For them, we have been the answer to their marketing needs.
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The Results Will Speak Loudly

From: Garret Merkley

Founder of eWebify

307 Dividend Dr.

Peachtree City, GA 30269

What Do We Promise?

We promise results...

Results in the form of real quality leads that go directly to your phone.

They are tracked, recorded, and measurable.

We can't fake it. We either perform or don't and there is no hiding the facts with us.

How Do We Guarantee Results?

It starts with our proven systems

We've spent 1,000s of hours perfecting our system so that we can guarantee results.


Because that is what our clients need.

Guaranteed results!

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Garret Merkley
Owner of eWebify
In Business Since 2010
Call: (678) 723-3558

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Marketing Is Confusing & Expensive
It Can Be A Huge Waste of Money!

1,000s of business waste a lot of money every month on these websites...

Are you going to be one of them?


How about you let us handle it for you and do it a better way?

What way?

It's Called "Pay Per Call Marketing"
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It Just Makes Sense To Pay For What You Get
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Can We Really Help You...
In Just 7 Quick Days!

From: Garret Merkley

Founder of eWebify

307 Dividend Dr.

Peachtree City, GA 30269

Of Course We Can!

Now, 7 days is fast and believe me when I say we feel the pressure to perform.

In fact, each time we risk our own money and reputation to provide results.

What's Our Magic Sauce?


1,000s of hours + mistakes + success + repeat = The eWebify Marketing System.

We've spent years developing a system that produces results fast for local business owners.

It's A Machine That Works!

We call it a phone call machine.

In fact, it is producing calls for our clients every single day!

It produces calls 24/7 throughout the U.S. & Canada.

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Garret Merkley
Owner of eWebify
In Business Since 2010
Call: (678)723-3558

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P.S. (Even More About Us)

Our Services Cover A Wide Area

We Do...

Marketing, SEO, Lead Generation, Web Development, Call Tracking, Review Acquisition, Hosting Help, Wordpress, and even more.

We're Not Your Typical Marketing Company


1st, we don't say yes to everyone...


Sometimes people call us in industries that we haven't tested yet. We don't just say yes to take your money.

We have to make sure we can deliver what we promise.

Our yes means that we are confident

1. Do We Make You Sign A Contract?

Absolutely not.

What keeps us together is the fact that what we offer works and it works well

Our partnership is one of mutual benefit.

2. What About SEO...Do We Do It?

Of course, we do.

SEO is not dead and probably never will be. Proper SEO techniques and options are used in our marketing system.


Because showing up at the top of Google is really important when it comes to growing your business.