What Garage Door Names Should You Avoid?
Here Is A Simple List To Help
  • Trademarked Names - There are many trademarked/franchise names for garage door businesses.  Do not pick one of their names.
  • The Same Name As Other Local Locksmiths - Don't pick a name that another local garage door company uses in your area.
  • Generic Names That Can't Be Brand-able... In the garage door industry you will find a lot of A1, A Better, Emergency, 24 Hour, etc.  Don't do this.  You want to build a business that becomes something and a name is a pick part of that.
  • Names That Are Really Long... Long names have so many negative consequences.  First, a long name is hard to put on advertisements or business cards.  A long domain name is good for Google. A long name is hard to remember.
  • Names That Are Hard To Understand Over The Phone... A lot of your customers will contact you for the first time over the phone.  Make your name easy to understand over the phone.
  • Names That Are Hard To Spell... Again when it comes to naming your garage door business you want it to be easy and understandable.
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