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Pay Per Call Marketing

pay-per-call-marketing What is Pay Per Call Marketing? This article is very in depth and will help you understand what PPCall Advertising is, how it helps, and why it is the best option for local business owners. We have even created a quick 5 minute video explaining PPCall by giving a story of Bob's Painting. We look forward to having you read through the article to get a HUGE VISION of what PPCall Advertising can do for you and your local business. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out to us. You can follow us through our Private Facebook Group (Click the Follow Us Link At The Top Of Our Website).

Painting Company Names

painting-company-names Naming your business isn't that easy. Here is an article we wrote to help painting companies name their business. We give away a bunch of painting company name ideas and more. We hope that this article is exactly what you are looking for. It will help you come up with the right name for your new painting business. Let us know if you need any additional help coming up with names and or picking the right domain name for your paint company.

The Ultimate Internal Backlink Definition & Guide

internal-links Links are so important when considering Local SEO. Without links the website might not exist at all. Links have a lot of value and the biggest value is their ability to magically transport someone from one section of the internet to another section of the internet. Many times I have wished that the real world had links...could you imagine thinking "hmmm I would like to visit Hawaii right now and then you just step on a hawaii link and you are there...? That would be awesome. Well that is what links do online. One extra huge thing that backlinks do is give Google valuable data that helps them determine which website to rank for various keywords. There are basically two types of links. An external link and an internal link. This article talks about internal links. Hope it helps!